Your partner in Post-Acute Care

Our friendly team of physicians, and nurse practitioners will do whatever it takes to get the best outcomes for our patients, reduce rehospitalizations, and add value.

Functioning as a team

From attending UR meetings, to promptly answering email, and responding to DME requests, and everything in between, we aim to work seamlessly with a facility’s existing rehab team. For
us communication is key. You can expect:

Providing total patient care

We take a holistic approach to patient care.  Given our role as physiatry this naturally involves helping manage our patients’ therapy programs and procedures such as joint injections.  In addition, we also play a role in our patients’ pain management and wound care needs.

Acting as patient advocates

Sometimes achieving the best functional outcome requires time. In these situations, we are happy to assist our patients and advocating for them with insurance companies to get them the time they need through the peer to peer review process.